About Victorian Times

Steinlein Le Chat NoirVictorian Times is all about the Victorian and Edwardian period spanning the 19th century and early 20th century.  It is a period from which we have abundant material, although most of it is held in private collections in the form of postcards, prints, books and other publications. 

My personal interest is vintage postcards and illustrated books, which I have been collecting for some time now.  I love these little postcards, which feature artwork from lesser known and seldom acknowledged illustrators.  What is really interesting is reading the messages on the back of them, for most of the cards in my collection were postally used. 

I’m also a Currier and Ives buff and for those of you  that don’t know, they published around 8,000 prints in the 19th and early 20th century.  The prints were originally black and white, then they would hand color each print.  It was an assembly line operation, each person on the assembly line would add a different color.  They distributed millions of prints during the time they were in operation.  This was pretty common for the day – most prints were done in black and white and then hand tinted or colored, at least until mass color printing became more common.

I decided to try my hand at tinting and hand coloring my black and whites.  I’m a fine and graphics artist so this was pretty much inevitable.  Then I realized that I could scan my collection and put the originals away to preserve them and work on restoring the scans, touching them up, recolorizing them and in some cases creating new versions of them in the time honored tradition of the 19th century.

About a year ago I decided that I should start a vintage art website and publish my restored collection.  I talked it over with my co-principal in my web development firm, AlphaNetDevelopers.com, and we decided that we would set up a site that offered digital and print versions of my collection and other private collectors.  The site went active in November 2006 – here’s the link to it:

24kVintageArt.com: http://www.24kVintageArt.com

I decided I should also set up a blog on Word Press, one of the things I like to do is make website graphics and of course, the vintage graphics find their way into my designs.  You can see one of the headers I made on this blog – and I’ll be posting them as I make them for the Word Press community to use.  They are designed to be used in the Kubrick style templates.  Hope you enjoy the template banners for the Kubrick templates!

Have a good time on my blog and be sure to drop me a line!

Sharlee Plett

p.s. the image on this page is a Steinlein poster “Chat Noir” that I restored – I recolored the background and enhanced the colors to make them more vivid.  You should see it printed – it is just gorgeous!


One Response to “About Victorian Times”

  1. Scott Henderson Says:


    I admire your work very much. i am amazed by everything you have on 24kvintageart.com. I haven’t seen any blog entries from you fro a while. Are you still active? how is the website doing?


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