Christmas Kubrick Header

By Sharlee Plett

I’m counting down to Christmas like I always do, and this year I decided to give the WordPress community some Christmas gifts in the form of graphics headers for the Kubrick templates. 

This week features Santa Claus from an early 20th century postcard.  The postcard is styled on Grandfather Frost, the Russian version of Santa Claus.  Grandfather Frost is always accompanyied by his granddaughter.   I’ve restored the postcard and added the sky fill so the vintage postcard works in the Kubrick header size.

If you are on a free WordPress free blog, you will have to purchase credits and buy the CSS upgrade.  You’ll also have to add your blog title using a graphics editor and disable the text header display in the Kubrick template – it doesn’t work well with this header – the Kubrick template centers the blog title. 

Vintage Christmas Kubrick Header

Click on the thumbnail to download the graphic file:

Vintage Header for Kubrick Templates

p.s. If you decide to use this header, I’d appreciate credit somewhere on your blog and a link to my blog, Victorian Times. It would also be great if you could help spread the word about my new website, which features printable vintage postcards as greeting cards and other vintage graphics. You don’t have to, but it would be much appreciated!


One Response to “Christmas Kubrick Header”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Wow!! This is such a beautiful header!
    It is soooo pretty! Vey, very nice!

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