Victorian Times

by Sharlee Plett

Welcome to Victorian Times, a blog featuring all kinds of information, links and artic les about the Victorian period and early 20th century. 

The Victorian era is often referred to as the age of elegance.  Ladies wore beautiful gowns with lace, perfect manners were required and ettiquette included the proper way to visit, complete with beautiful calling cards and the right way for ladies to hold their fans.

The Victorian era is very popular on the Internet these days, with blog templates using vintage art, collectibles sold on numerous sites and on ebay and entire websites devoted to Victorian calling cards, prints and scrapbooking. 

Come back often as I add to the Victorian collection on “Victorian Times – The Blog for all things Victorian.”


2 Responses to “Victorian Times”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Thank you for the headers. I am in the process of building an old-fashioned Christmas site. I will give you a link on it.

    I am looking for a header for wordpress for vintage lunchboxes, jewelry,
    etc. If you have any or know of any, please contact me. Thank you
    again, they are beautiful.

  2. Ben Knowles Says:

    Lovely site!
    You should do more with it!

    In keeping with the site, we offer Christmas Victorian Lighting at

    Thank you!


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